Custom Flexible Packaging to Meet Your Needs

Our engineering expertise, ability to create formulations, and technological innovations make it possible to improve many existing packaging problems. All of Next Generation's resins are FDA compliant for direct and indirect food contact and our MAP solutions are impressive. We work with a variety of materials to assure we provide the most benefits to your packaging needs. The following are some of our material options for all products:


Fresh Cut Produce Film

Fresh Cut Produce Film

Custom formulated blends that enhance functionality and process-ability of the product during packaging, with is low seal initiation temperature, and on the shelf. This film is available in Surface Print and Lamination structures. We also offer a wide range of Oxygen Transmission rates and Anti-fog enhancing characteristics to increase shelf life and perform through the cold chain. Excellent for Food Service and Retail market applications.


Fresh Cut Produce Film

Lamination / Sealant Film

Lamination sealant webs designed for high speed applications allowing for instant bond and abundant hot tack strength. Available in general purpose and customized structures.


IQF Film

IQF Film (Instant Quick Freeze)

Stand alone webs suitable for frozen food and general purpose applications. Available in custom sealant grades and able to be fin or lap sealed. We also offer a wide variety of peelable sealant layers capable of customizing an easy open pouch or bag.


Dry Goods Film

Dry Goods Film (Bag in Box)

Cracker and cereal film designed with both high barrier and enhanced sealing characteristics. This film is excellent for vertical and horizontal packaging machines.


Overwrap Film

Overwrap Film

Surface printable overwrap film designed specifically for the paper towel and napkin protective wrap industry. The film exhibits easy tear and great formability characteristics for enhanced machine-ability.


Adhesive Bonding Film

Custom thermal adhesive bonding film designed for multiple industrial applications. This film has a low seal initiation temperature which allows for instant bonding to a wide variety of substrates.


Mailer Film

Security packaging film offered in a large variety of colors and light transmission. This film can either be used as a four sided bag, side weld bag, or laminated to bubble pack.


Masking Film

The inherent functionality of the film exhibits an easy lay-down (application) on to sensitive surfaces while allowing for a releasable bond from the surface.


Protective Packaging Film

Industrial film protective wrap designed to enhance the handling of the product throughout its shelf life. This film is customized with excellent puncture resistance and available in differential slip properties for easy label adhesion.


Barrier Film

Film custom designed for low gas and water transmission properties.